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Steffen Kluge, born in 1964 in Wolfsburg, Germany, has presented his Lightgraphic Arts  in over 150 exhibitions since his first exhibition in 1988. His pictures have enjoyed great success with the public in  museums, galleries, palaces, castles and cathedrals all over the world, in Germany as well as abroad, from Moscow to New York, from Istanbul to St. Petersburg.

A painter, Steffen Kluge has been working for a long time, neither with a brush nor with a canvas or colours but with pure light. The photography is staying in his large-scale process, which is profiting from the possibilities of optic, only as a small stone at the end of a long run way.

The Lightgraphic Arts reveal not   many marks of this large-scale technical creation-process. Moreover, the pictures of Steffen Kluge are full of high aesthetics, harmony and mystery of their creation.

The critics have often compared Steffen Kluge's Lightgraphic Arts with dreams, fairy tales, and wonder, as well as with elemental force, prophetic worlds and  the supernatural. The artist leaves his onlookers the choice of their own free interpretation of his pictures.  


A selection from the history of Steffen Kluge’s artistical career since the first public exhibition in 1988




  • Bauhaus archive Berlin

  • Bauhaus Dessau

  • Arthall Bielefeld

  • The Guild of Artists in Moskau

  • The Art Academy in Nizhnij – Nowgorod

  • The  Museum of History of Art in Magdeburg

  • The Museum of Press in Kemal Atatürk Istanbul

  • The Novalis Museum in the Castle of Oberwiederstedt

  • The State Museum of Halberstadt 



  • Gallery Thomas Lintel New York

  • Exhibitions Hall “Manege” in St. Petersburg

  • Available Light - Gallery Portland USA



  • Smolny Cathedral in St. Petersburg 

  • Dreikönigskapelle (the Chaple of the three kings) in the Dom of Naumburg

  • The Church of the Monastery of Riddagshausen in Braunschweig

  • The Church of St. Catherine in Stendal

  • The Monk Church in Salzwedel

  • Kaiserdom in Königslutter

  • The Church of St. Andreas in Braunschweig



palaces and castles

  • Belosselskij – Beloserskij Palais St. Petersburg

  • Castle of Wolfsburg

  • The Audience Hall of the Castle Museum in Quedlinburg

  • Schlossmuseum in Bernburg

  • Schlossmuseum in Schmnalkalden